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Vacay redefines travel planning with precision and personalization at its core. Experience bespoke itineraries crafted to your preferences, powered by advanced semantic search.

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Experience Bespoke Travel with AI-Powered Search

Our semantic search transcends standard filters and OTAs, interpreting your preferences to curate journeys that reflect your individuality and unique style.

Vacay Chatbot

Generalist AI travel planner at your command, with real-time, user-centric recommendations.
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Itinerary Planner

Design complex itineraries with our easy-to-use, interactive planning tool.
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Thematic Advisors

Get bespoke guidance for offbeat trips and distinct travel styles with our Thematic Advisors.

For Travel Agents

Upgrade your planning process with our AI-powered tools, designed for agencies and advisors.
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What Makes Us Different

Vacay is the next itineration in modern travel search, aligned with the needs of travelers - rather than advertiser interests or high commissions. Our technology products and thoughtfully designed interfaces present an authentic alternative for your travel planning.

Chat-Based Search

Use natural language to generate superior results, simplifying your path to the perfect getaway.

Personalized Guidance

Receive bespoke travel recommendations that are aligned with your distinct preferences.

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Direct Links

Enjoy direct connections to an endless selection of travel providers, for wherever you're headed.

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Browse our exclusive collections — local insights, curated hotels, destination guides, and more.

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Built by travelers, for travelers.

We see an big opportunity to deliver a superior experience for discovering and planning your next vacation. Our aim is to offer increasingly reliable, user-centric products for travelers worldwide.

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Have a question?

Don't hesitate to contact us for any other questions or support.

What makes Vacay different from other travel search platforms?

Unlike standard booking engines, we offer a conversational interface that adapts and engages with your unique preferences. By aligning our interests and technology with the traveler, we enable a more comprehensive, and personalized search experience.

What does Vacay Chatbot use for its AI technology?

We leverage OpenAI's large language models (LLMs) to power our semantic search tools. In addition, we leverage proprietary engineering and curated datasets to provide the best results.

Can I book my trip through your platform?

No, Vacay is not a booking engine - rather we see our value as a reliable recommendation resource. We believe booking direct provides the best value and overall support for guests, so we prioritize linking you to respective providers for bookings.

Is my data used to trained the AI?

Never. We do not use user conversations to train or inject proprietary content into our AI. We maintain strict compliance around data security and user privacy throughout our platform.  

Can Vacay assist in creating itineraries for special interest travel?

Absolutely! Whether you're interested in historical tours, wildlife adventures, wellness retreats, or any other niche category, our AI leverages an extensive database to generate suggestions that cater to your specific queries.

What benefits do I get with Vacay Premium plan?

Upgrading to a Vacay Premium unlocks a suite of premium benefits, including an advanced version of our generalist chatbot, unlimited usage across our full suite of AI tools, exclusive insights into travel, and dedicated customer support.

I prefer someone else to plan and/or book my trip.

While we employ AI at scale, we still think advisors and agents provide a valuable service, especially for more complex trips. For this reason, we are building out a directory of curated travel advisors (coming soon).