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Personal plan

This includes...
Vacay Chatbot Access: Generalist AI for personalized travel tips.
Itinerary Generator: Start shaping your trip with intuitive personalized input.
Bespoke Travel Guides: Access a growing selection of our curated insights and destination guides.
Community Support: Join our traveler's community for advice and support.
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Premium plan

Billed monthly.
Everything in our personal plan plus....
Full AI Planning Suite: Unlimited use of our AI-driven itinerary and travel planning tools.
Exclusive Content Access: Explore comprehensive travel guides and insider tips.
Premium Travel Themes: Unlock specialized thematic advisors and unique itinerary suggestions.
Early Feature Releases: Be the first to try new features and tools as they launch.
Priority Support: Get prioritized help and travel guidance from our support team.

Professional plan

Billed monthly.
Everything in our premium plan plus....
Advisor-Driven AI Assistant: 24/7-access to our most sophisticated AI chatbot, designed for travel professionals.
Advanced Itinerary Tool: Design detailed itineraries with a tool that adapts to nuanced client preferences.
Bespoke Content Tools: Generate bespoke travel content, posts, and communications for your business.
Development Input: Provide direct feedback and influence the development of new features and tools.
Priority Support: Enjoy expedited assistance for all inquiries and support requests.
7-Day Free Trial
7-Day Free Trial
Please note: Paid plans are currently limited to customers based in the United States.