About Vacay

Reimagining User-Centric Travel and Vacation Planning

At Vacay International, Inc., we are pioneering a new standard in travel discovery and planning, with a commitment to positioning you—the traveler—at the heart of the journey. Our mission is to provide an platform that consistently delivers exceptional value while curating the best travel experiences, based on your preferences.

We've developed an array of comprehensive services including our Chatbot, Itinerary Planner, Thematic Advisors, and Destination Chatbots. These are complemented by a steadily expanding portfolio of traditional search categories such as hotels, packages, experiences, live events, cruises, and more. Each feature is designed individually to improve your travel planning process, guiding you seamlessly from the inception of your travel idea to completed trip.

The heart of our approach is a fusion of advanced artificial intelligence, user-centric discovery, and intuitive conversational interfaces. The result is a platform that facilitates a more personal, intuitive, and intelligent travel planning experience for all.

Our model also represents a significant departure from the transactional focus of traditional Online Travel Agents (OTAs). Instead, we place a firm emphasis on prioritizing our users' travel needs and unique preferences. Furthermore, our direct partnerships across the travel industry reinforces our commitment to providing a wide array of curated, reliable travel recommendations for every destination.

We are privileged to be a part of your journey and we're excited to see where Vacay can take you!

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