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Prompt Guide

Here are some helpful prompts and common questions to guide your interaction with our chatbot.
What can the Vacay Chatbot do?
Vacay Chatbot leverages state-of-the-art language models to act as your digital travel assistant. It can provide information about flights, recommend accommodations, suggest local activities, and even create personalized travel itineraries.

While it can provide links to relevant sites, the chatbot does not have a direct booking function.
How do I start a conversation?
You can start a conversation by simply typing in your travel needs or questions. The Chatbot utilizes context-based understanding to provide relevant responses. For example, "I'm planning a beach vacation in Greece in July," or "What are some family-friendly destinations in Europe?"

The more detailed the query, the better the results will be.
How to modify or refine the Chatbot's recommendations
If the initial recommendations don't match your preferences, you can make your query more specific or ask for different options.

For instance, "Could you suggest cheaper hotels in Rome?" or "I'm interested in more options for rural accommodations in the south of France."
Requesting a custom itinerary based on your personal preferences
The Vacay Chatbot is capable of creating a custom travel itinerary based on your specified preferences. Share details like your travel dates, budget, preferred style of travel, and the kind of experiences you enjoy.

For example, "I'm traveling to Paris from July 20-27, with a budget of $2000. I enjoy history and art. Could you suggest an itinerary?"

Note: You may want to instruct your itinerary in multiple messages, or use our dedicated Itinerary Planner.
How accurate are the Chatbot's recommendations?
The Chatbot uses the most up-to-date data and leverages advanced AI models to provide recommendations. However, for things like flight prices or hotel availability, it's always a good idea to verify the details on the provided links since these can change frequently.
What types of recommendations can the Vacay Chatbot provide?
Leveraging advanced AI, Vacay Chatbot can provide a broad range of travel-related information, from destination recommendations and hotel suggestions, to the best time to visit a location, local attractions, and much more.

You could ask, "What are some lesser-known attractions in Tokyo?" or "What's the best time to visit the Maldives?"
Tips on getting the best responses
The chatbot is designed to provide more accurate responses when it has more information. So, the more specific your request, the better the recommendations. Include details like your destination preference, travel dates, budget, interests, and other relevant preferences. For example, "I'm looking for a budget-friendly beach resort in Bali for a trip in October."

You can also try different types of response formatting, such as "make a table of the top 5 hotels in Madrid, with average price per night, user ratings, and distance from the airport.
Requesting recommendations for local hotels, attractions, restaurants, etc.
You can ask the chatbot for local recommendations in your chosen destination. If you have preferences such as cuisine type, budget, or certain interests, mention them.

For instance, "Can you recommend some budget-friendly seafood restaurants in Barcelona?" or "What are some boutique hotels in Berlin popular for their design?" or "What are some off-beat attractions I should visit in Sydney?"
Which languages does the Chatbot support?
Vacay Chatbot supports over 150 languages. It uses machine translation models to understand and generate responses in these languages. While it's optimized for accuracy, the quality of results may vary slightly across languages.
Can I use the Chatbot on mobile devices?
Yes, Vacay Chatbot is fully functional on both desktop and mobile platforms, so you can get travel assistance wherever you are.
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