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Maximizing Your Experience - Prompt Guide

Our AI chatbots are powered by cutting-edge Large Language Models (LLM).
Here are some tailored suggestions to help optimize your experience.
1. Begin with Clear Intent
Our AI excels in contextual understanding. State your primary goal at the start of your query to get precise responses.

🔹 "I want to plan a summer vacation in Europe for a group of four, with a budget of $2,000 each."
2. Leverage Multi-question Prompts
Ask compound questions to get more detailed insights in one go.

🔹 "Can you recommend a budget hotel in Paris and list nearby attractions?"
🔹 "Summarize the top islands in the Caribbean, include hotels for ~$300/night and recommended flights out of Miami"
3. Request Comparative Insights
Our AI can compare destinations, hotels, or attractions based on your criteria.

🔹 "Compare the nightlife in Barcelona and Berlin."
🔹 "Compare the top museums to visit in Amsterdam."
4. Delve Into Hyper-personalized Itineraries
Share your preferences and let the AI tailor an itinerary just for you.

🔹 "Plan a 7-day family trip to Bali focusing on non-touristy beaches, scuba-diving, and local cuisines."
5. Ask for Data-driven Recommendations
Harness the chatbot's access to a wealth of data.

🔹 "Show me the top-rated luxury resorts in the Bahamas basedon guest reviews"
6. Seek Contextual Recommendations
The AI can suggest travel plans based on events, seasons, or current travel trends.

🔹 "What's a good destination for a winter festival?"
🔹 "List the top destinations for viewing the Northern Lights"
7. Engage in Conversational Planning
Feel free to have back-and-forths with the chatbot, refining your requests as you go.

🔹 "Find me a beach destination."
🔹 "How about something less touristy?"
🔹 "What activities can I do there?"
8. Experiment with Different Formats
The chatbot can present information in various ways.

🔹 "List 3 off-the-beaten-path attractions in Tokyo."
🔹 "Make a table comparing amenities of the top 5 hotels in Rome."
9. Multilingual Queries
While optimized for English, our AI understands over 150 languages. Feel free to mix languages or ask for translations.

🔹 "¿Cuál es la mejor época para visitar México?"
🔹 "Translate this itinerary to French."
10. Provide Feedback and Refine
If an answer doesn't fully meet your needs, refine your question and let the AI adjust.

🔹 "That's too mainstream. Any lesser-known spots in that area?"

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