Embark on a grand adventure to Riyadh, the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, where the fusion of modern skyscrapers and ancient fortresses invites travelers to explore the rich heritage and vibrant culture of this desert metropolis.

Riyadh Travel Guide

Welcome to Riyadh, the capital and main financial hub of Saudi Arabia. This cosmopolitan city is a mesmerizing blend of old and new, where dusty archaeological sites and traditional souks exist alongside gleaming skyscrapers and contemporary lifestyle destinations.

How to Get There

Riyadh is well connected with the rest of the world:

  • By Air: The main gateway is the King Khalid International Airport (RUH), one of the largest airports in the world, located 35 km to the north of Riyadh.
  • By Road: Riyadh is linked to other parts of Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries through an extensive highway network.

Best Time to Visit

The most favorable times to visit Riyadh are during its cooler months, typically between November and March, when the temperature is generally moderate and comfortable for sightseeing.

Top Attractions

  1. Al-Masmak Fortress: This 19th-century clay and mud-brick fort played a pivotal role in Riyadh's history, now converted into a museum.
  2. Kingdom Centre Tower: Behold the city from the 99th-floor Sky Bridge observation deck attached to this iconic tower.
  3. National Museum: This expansive museum provides a comprehensive view of Saudi Arabia's culture, history, and heritage.
  4. Diriyah: An open-air museum depicting Saudi Arabia's roots, where the historic At-Turaif District is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  5. King Abdulaziz Historical Center: This enormous park houses the National Museum, King Abdulaziz Memorial Hall, and the King Abdulaziz Library.

Museums and Cultural Sites

Saudi Arabia's heritage is preserved in these respected institutions:

  1. Salwa Palace in At-Turaif: A restored mud-brick palace offering insights into pre-modern Saudi life.
  2. Naila Art Gallery: A multidisciplinary gallery showcasing the work of Saudi and international artists.

Food and Drink

Discover the culinary delights Riyadh has to offer:

  1. Al-Najdiyah Village Restaurant: Renowned for its traditional Saudi cuisine, in particular, the kabsa, a signature Middle Eastern rice dish.
  2. Nozomi: Offering contemporary Japanese cuisine, it's perfect for sushi enthusiasts.
  3. The Globe: Located in the Al-Faisaliah Tower, it's a great place to enjoy fine dining with stunning city views.

Live Events

  1. Riyadh Season: A city-wide festival featuring music, sports, and cultural events.
  2. Janoob Al-Riyadh Music Festival: Celebrating acoustic instrumental music attracting audiences from all over the kingdom.

Visiting Riyadh provides a peek into Saudi Arabia's cultural heart and offers a perfect mix of history, culture, shopping, and dining experiences. The city is undergoing significant transformation as part of Saudi Vision 2030, increasingly opening its doors to international tourism. Enjoy Riyadh's renaissance while remembering to respect local customs and dress codes, particularly in public places.

Where To Stay

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