Welcome to Sharjah, the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates. Known for its rich heritage, modern art spaces, and beautiful natural landscapes, Sharjah offers an exquisite blend of ancient customs and contemporary life.

Sharjah Travel Guide

Situated on the Arabian Gulf, Sharjah is the third largest city in the United Arab Emirates, known for its rich history and cultural heritage. Since its foundation in 1971, Sharjah has been proclaimed as the Cultural Capital of the Arab World by UNESCO in 1998 due to its commitment to art, culture, and preserving history. From its elegant mosques to vast natural landscapes, art-bearing streets to world-class museums, Sharjah beautifully embodies the authentic Arab culture and traditions.

Essential Information

Before diving into our exciting destination, here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham (AED)
  • Language: Arabic, English widely spoken
  • Weather: Hot desert climate, cooler between November to March

Navigate Sharjah

Sharjah Public Transport (Mowasalat) offers a broad range of transport services within the city, from local buses to taxis and shuttles. If you prefer driving, consider renting from renowned services like Thrifty Car Rental.

For itinerary suggestions, check out the official tourism website for inspiration: Visit Sharjah | Itineraries

Top Attractions: Discover the Jewel of the UAE

1. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization: Witness a vast collection of Islamic artifacts, documents, and historic texts that throw light on Islamic history, science, art and culture. Plan Your Visit

2. Al Majaz Waterfront: A popular family destination brimming with striking fountains, miniature golf, playgrounds, and numerous eateries. Catch the daily ‘Musical Fountain show’ in the evening. Details Here

3. Sharjah Aquarium: Explore diverse marine ecosystems housing over 150 species including colorful coral reefs and dense mangroves. Visit Sharjah Aquarium

Breath-taking Natural Visits

1. Kalba: A short drive from Sharjah city, Kalba offers pristine beaches, bird watching at Kalba Bird of Prey Center, and visits to enigmatic mangrove forests via canoeing. Discover Kalba

2. Al Noor Island: Visit this beautiful surreal island in Khalid Lagoon, famous for its Butterfly House, Literature Pavilion, and Sculpture Park. Explore Al Noor

Shopping in Sharjah

Embrace the traditional shopping experience at lively souks!

1. Blue Souk (Central Market): The iconic Souk is a treasure trove of carpets, gold, silver, and precious gems.

2. Heart of Sharjah: The region's largest project for cultural and heritage preservation, it offers unique emirati crafts and boutiques.

Exceptional Stays

To truly experience the Emirate's delightful hospitality, consider the following hotels:

1. Pulman Sharjah: A luxurious five-star hotel offering elegant accommodations, state-of-the-art facilities, including a spa and meeting spaces, and stunning views of the Khalid Lagoon and the Sharjah skyline.

2. The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah: A refined hotel that takes authentic Arabian hospitality to new heights and is located amidst Sharjah's heritage district.

Gastronomic Affairs

From traditional Emirati cuisine to contemporary international fare, Sharjah's culinary scene is vibrant. Visit Al Qubtan for impressive seafood or indulge in authentic Arabic food at Al Fanar.

Stay Safe

Remember to respect local traditions, customs, laws, and religions at all times. Sharjah is a dry emirate, so the sale or possession of alcohol is prohibited.

Exploring Sharjah in your upcoming vacation ad enjoy a truly remarkable stay in this epitome of Arabian charm.

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