Eco-Friendly Luxury Resorts in the Caribbean

Published on
July 16, 2023
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The Caribbean is renowned for its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and vibrant culture. For travelers seeking both luxury and environmental consciousness, the region is home to a remarkable selection of eco-friendly resorts. These resorts seamlessly blend opulence with sustainable practices, providing a guilt-free escape for discerning travelers. In this article, we present a curated list of eco-friendly luxury resorts in the Caribbean, catering to the preferences of US and Europe-based travelers in the medium-high income bracket. Each recommendation combines lavish accommodations with a commitment to environmental stewardship.

1. Jade Mountain - St. Lucia

Located on the stunning island of St. Lucia, Jade Mountain is a masterpiece of sustainable design. Its open-concept sanctuaries offer breathtaking views of the iconic Pitons and the Caribbean Sea. The resort's commitment to environmental preservation is evident in its use of locally sourced materials, renewable energy systems, and organic farming practices.

Guests can indulge in spa treatments using organic products and savor farm-to-table cuisine prepared with ingredients from the resort's own gardens.

Highlights: Breathtaking Piton views, open-concept sanctuaries, organic farming

Pricing: Starting from $1,100 per night

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2. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort - Aruba

Nestled on the powdery white sands of Eagle Beach, Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort is an adults-only haven that embraces sustainable luxury. The resort has implemented numerous eco-friendly initiatives, such as energy-efficient lighting, solar power, and water conservation practices.

Bucuti & Tara is also actively involved in local conservation efforts and offers guests opportunities to participate in beach clean-ups and coral reef restoration projects. With its serene ambiance and commitment to sustainability, this resort offers a tranquil retreat for eco-conscious travelers.

Highlights: Adults-only, energy-efficient lighting, beach clean-ups

Pricing: Starting from $450 per night

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3. Secret Bay - Dominica

Tucked away on the unspoiled island of Dominica, Secret Bay is an eco-luxury resort that immerses guests in nature while offering exquisite accommodations. The resort is built with sustainable materials and utilizes energy-efficient systems.

Each villa is designed to blend harmoniously with the surrounding rainforest, providing an intimate connection with nature. Secret Bay also supports local communities and engages in initiatives such as organic farming and marine conservation, making it a true eco-conscious escape.

Highlights: Rainforest setting, sustainable materials, organic farming

Pricing: Starting from $650 per night

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4. Nisbet Plantation Beach Club - Nevis

Steeped in history and set on Nevis, a tranquil Caribbean island, Nisbet Plantation Beach Club combines old-world charm with eco-friendly practices. The resort is committed to sustainable tourism and has implemented measures to reduce energy consumption, manage water resources, and support local farmers.

Guests can unwind in elegant cottages nestled amidst lush gardens and enjoy organic cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients. Nisbet Plantation Beach Club offers an authentic Caribbean experience with a focus on sustainability.

Highlights: Historical charm, energy conservation, local ingredient cuisine

Pricing: Starting from $395 per night

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